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What If?
Preparing to Find Light in Darkness

We can talk about being prepared.

But in case you haven't noticed, what scenario plan do you think I'm concerned about?

No insult intended, but preventing The End Times seems like the objective inherent in alchemy... changing the structure using the pseudo art of speaking in tongues.

I tend not to stray too far from the fundamental law of cause and effect:

while we are facing the cumulative effects of some grand errors over the past few millennia, human volition is a wondrous thing. This is where me and nihilists part ways. And not just out of mindless idealism, either... I've seen entire cultures wiped out before my eyes. I've seen governments collaborate with organized crime. I've seen children slaughtered in the name of ideologies.

But, I've also seen ordinary people do some very extraordinary things at a crucial moment. There's a rumor that I've occasionally qualified as one of those ordinary people. I believe you may have had some generically similar experiences of yourself.

There is a Buddhist principle that while you may not change the course of the river, it is possible and desirable to purify the river's water. This in itself underlies the notion of hendoku iyaku, or changing poison into medicine.

The purified water makes a lot of things happen along the banks of the river that would otherwise not be possible... sometimes even changing the course of the river in the process -- real-life dichotomy.

In a similar vein, the fight or flight notion of either re-engineering the river or fleeing doesn't give full account to our collective human volition.

Doing short-term projects and preparing for the future ain't necessarily a mutually exclusive undertaking, and it ain't hypocritical either... doing both just "send" to the universe... and everybody/everything in it.

We mean to win, no matter what happens. And, we intend to be on the front end of the winning engine, not hangin' on to the fenderskrits by our fingernails.

You can't endlessly address this in existential ephemeral terms... gotta come to grips with it in a form that accommodates action.

Even the no-shitter sayers of soothe, with whom I worked intermittently from the 1970's thru '80's, in almost every single case, saw beyond the meteors, floods, weather changes, disease and famine... into a new era which is *based* on a so called "paradigm shift": a morphed perspective on reality.

What is the physical manifestation of what they saw? I ain't sayin' right now... but it wasn't obliteration... more like a bunch of schisms & chasms.

I'm not so all fired certain the "end" is gonna be an end to what is desirable and good, along with everything else. This is kinda bi-polar extremes to my thinking... and experience of human nature.

i.e., mebbe a big part of the shift is away from institutional controls to highly decentralized organic society which places more value on virtues rather than values... such a transition need not be harmonious, but we'd have to hope that nobody pushes the proverbial button while the transition evolves.

So, in the meantime we promote peaceful but persistent expression of public enlightenment. This is a real art & science, bubba. Skillful, wise but staunch leadership in making changes constructive in process, not only in result.

It appears as though you "get" at least one of the big picture points.

The Light shines on you.

You are enlightened.

ps. How much do you think a used space shuttle goes for?

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