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ps. How much do you think a used space shuttle goes for?
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After having a conversation on The Paradigm Shift, the question is asked:

ps. How much do you think a used space shuttle goes for?

The reply:
The question is, after you buy it, who do you have to register it with before launching? And, who's sat-com system is gonna guide yer trajectory... and trip itinerary?

They're already prepped for colonization of Mars... which I told you about over a year ago... and you never quite believed it, however; I know from personal observation, not guessing. First do an atmospheric conversion with equipment and process already in hand, then colonize, with equipment and technology already in hand. They had the outline for the plan in 1959. They had the ATV's built by the early 60's. The atmosphere generating system was designed in the early 70's.

Now put this in your pipe and smoke it fer a bit, and I ain't playing oracle of delphi games like you have occasionally:

What the hell would possess several governments to begin planning a joint colonization project in the heat of the cold war?

What the hell would prompt global democratization (aka globalization) worldwide, simultaneously (more or less) and suddenly in 1989 after 10,000 years of semi-recorded conflicts among nation states?

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