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Writing Lyrics to a Different New Tune

Dear Peter Gabriel,

I'm happy to say, that she just keeps shinnin' in. A lot of it has to do with you. For instance, what would happen if you were in space for a long time? Would it bum you out if your voice didn't work? After all, it may be tough for your voice to carry in a vacuum? :)

So, she lets me in on the next phase of music. Would you be interested in helping? I've tried to write an introduction below. Please let me know if you can make any sense of it?

--------- snip ----------

What is it that you say in Supper's Ready? Is it "writing the lyrics of a brand new tune"? (That is what the liner notes say.)

But, when I listen to it, I hear you say something like "writing the lyrics to a different new tune".

Is what I am hearing different than everyone else? Or, is that how I am hearing it... from "my point-of-view"? Hmmm... language can't have a point- of-view... or, it shouldn't have a point- of-view, right?

If language has a point-of-view it would be my own personal language?

"Look at the blue sky and say to yourself 'How blue the sky is!' -- When you do it spontaneously -- without philosophical intentions -- the idea never crosses your mind that this impression of colour belongs only to you. And you have no hesitation in exclaiming that to someone else. And if you point at anything, as you say the words, you point at the sky. I am saying: you have not the feeling of pointing-into-yourself, which often accompanies 'naming the sensation' when one is thinking about 'private language'. Nor do you think that really you ought not to point to the colour with your hand, but with your attention. (Consider what it means 'to point to something with your attention'.)

-- Ludwig Wittgenstein
Philosophical Investigations

She is suggesting that we create music in this method. Interested?

Please let me know,

Though copyrights its music and mulitmedia projects (so that we may control the intent behind its delivery), our artists realize they are only conduits.

Please feel free to use them as a passage between your world and the next. All pieces are "works in progress". Come on and join in?

These songs are also likely to appear on the soundtrack to Games (Without Frontiers).