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Following is an entry from, Anudder Stone On Da Wall.

An un-named sole from Washington (WA) wrote:
Man, it was a long time ago since I was in high school. When I started there, and for years before, all the stoners hung out at "the wall". This wall was about waist-high and about 3 feet wide and at least as long as a bus. We all went there before school, after school, during lunch, and in between classes for a quick smoke and occasional passing of a joint or pipe if we were lucky. We even went there when we skipped classes. This wall was on the edge of the school grounds and rarely did we ever get in trouble for being there.

We all loved that wall with a purple passion.

Then they decided to tear it down because they thought it was "tacky" for us to be out there so young and smoking.

So, they built us "the pit". The pit consisted of two picnic tables, one was covered which was nice, it was on the side of a hill in the backside of our school where no one from the public could see us. We hated it there. It was in the dark shade of trees, not out in full sun like the wall was. It almost wasn't even worth the desire to smoke since we had to go to that place.

Even though I no longer do smoke, or attend school for that matter, I really miss the wall. It was a neat place to be.

We responded:
Sorry to say... your submission was rejected on the basis of being "to simple".

(time passes)

Glad to tell ya... it ran around in the committee's brain and was given the thumbs-up... based on the beauty of its simplicity. May the light shine through.

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