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Do you have a moment?

So, I sez to sidd:

Can you give me the low down on time?

How is it possible to measure time?

Even if you measure in light years,
is it not still relative to the
Earth's velocity around the sun?

sidd said:
time .. time .. time ...
izzon my side ..

sorry .. punch drunk from lastnite

Roger Penrose suggests that there are three arrows of time

psychological arrow of time - the way humans hmmm"see" time progressing
entropic arrow of time - things tend to break... entropy increases as time progresses
cosmological arrow of time - relates to the evolution of the universe (big BANG, etc.)

entropic and cosmological concepts are also dealt with in physics

the current thinking is to begin with the tenets of special relativity (1&2)
1)laws of fizix are the same in all reference frames (invariance)
2)speed of light is constant in all reference frames
3) (needed for the general theory of relativity) the effects of gravitation
are indistinguishable from the effects of acceleration (equivalence

now given 1) and 2), it can b shown (even by me !!) that one can no
longer have absolute space and absolute time .. rather they
become intertwingled (izzat a word ?) and perceptions
of space and time depend on velocity

I ponder this for a moment...

hmmm... well... I wonder... will I seize the moment?
or, will time cause me to seize?

seize, seize, seize... freeze

seizure is a violent attack

snatch it up
grasp the moment

seize the day

geeze, seize... to bind or release?

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