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Time is not a dimension, and one should never make the mistake of regarding it as such. Dimensions are necessarily spacial, as "a dimension is a direction at right angles to all other dimensions,"* and time cannot be rationally considered to be at right angles to length or width.

Time may be approximated as a dimension, delivering workable if slightly inaccurate results in the same manner as Newtonian gravity equations provide a workable approximation of true gravity. In truth, time must at the very least be a second grid over space, linked by equations but not by similarity. More likely, time is a nonlinear complex dynamical system composed of intradependent elements and extradependent elements. The extradependent elements depend upon space.

In the same way, space is not Cartesian, and may not be accurately represented by a cubic grid. Space may be approximated by high-school geometry, but not recapitulated by it. Space is neither three-dimensional nor 10-dimensional,** but is actually a complex nonlinear system of linked events analogous to and dependent upon time.

A dimension may easily be removed from a graph without negating the graph. However, if time is removed from the linked systems, space no longer has any meaning and will cease to exist.

* according to Dr. Brian Baker of NIST Gaithersburg in a conference conducted in February 1999
** as postulated by superstring theories

2000 by Luke Keller and Synaesthesia Press. A.R.R.

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