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from a dream-actualization answer by L.K.

An object in motion (in my case, my mind) will remain in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Unfortunately, nothing takes place within a vacuum except for the random particles which are and are not nearly (but not truly) simultaneously.* Through friction (with other minds; with other realities) an object (my mind) may speed up or slow down. The overall trend (of thought) is toward disorder and randomness, which is not bad but not good either. Entropy leeches energy and order from the object (my mind). If entropy only leeched order from the object (my mind), it would simply become less and less predictable. Unfortunately (or not), energy also dissipates, meaning that the object in motion, acted upon by the (internal) outside force of entropy, will eventually grind to a disordered halt. Some claim that entropy culminates in pure chaos rather than pure randomness. I believe that is true in systems that are human constructs.

* It is theorized that our universe began in such a "pseudo-void." It apparently manifested as is allowed by QED, but could not return to nonexistence because it was charged with far too much energy. Instead, the universe inflated (as a balloon inflates) extremely fast, spreading out the energy it was by creating and filling time and three-dimensional space. As the universe continues to inflate (at speeds decreasing exponentially), it becomes more disordered and less energetic (and colder). Eventually, all energy will have dissipated, and the universe will reach absolute zero and nothing will move. The universe will all become one massive state of matter in a culmination of the Bose-Einstein "condensate" state of matter discovered at NIST Colorado in 1996. The universe is an "object in motion." Eventually, it will stop and transform.

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