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No Time?
by The Philadelphia Spirit Experiment

Sun Disappears


The Sun disappeared from the sky today. At approximately 17:00 EST, witnesses noticed a phenomenon in the western sky. Matthew Bones, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, observed, "It started falling in the westward sky. I said, 'Oh Lord, save us!'" By 19:00 Pacific Time, James McClinton of Longview, Washington concluded, "The Sun completely fell from the sky. The Earth is covered in darkness."

"Oh Lord, Save Us!
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Answers Sought

The sand in the hour glass,
slips on through,
Grain by grain...
what'cha gonna do?

Is time slipping through your fingers?
Is time goin' out the door?
You can't get more.

It's time that's slipping through your fingers some more?

The seasons turn about,
make your inside out.
Leaves turn from green to brown,
And, tumble closer to the ground.
Time marches on....


Maybe if I close my eyes?
Maybe if I give it a try?
... He won't see me?
little, little me.

I can feel Him upon me,
Breathing down my neck.
I can feel Him around me,
A definite, definite threat!

Time is slipping on by,
Slipping through my grasp.
Time is slipping on by,
it'll pass (there goes some now).

Surely, it'll pass (oops.. and there goes some more).
Surely, it'll pass (hehehe... and a little more).
Surely, it'll pass (and...).

The average life is 22,000 days.

What are you going to do with your time?

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