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Rene Descartes(March 31, 1596 - Feb. 11, 1650) the material universe consists of an indefinitely large plenum of infinitely divisible matter separated into the subtle matter of space and the denser matter of bodies by a set quantity of motion imparted by God. Bodies swirl like leaves in a whirlwind in vortices as great as that in which the planets sweep around the Sun and as small as that of tiny, spinning globes of light. All bodily joinings and separations are mechanical and result from moving bodies bumping into one another. Because the amount of motion is conserved according to the laws of nature, the Cartesian material world is deterministic. After the initial impulse, the world evolves lawfully; if the speeds and amounts of motion and the positions of all the whirling portions of matter in the universe were described for any one time, then simple deductions with reference to the laws of motion would allow their descriptions for any other time. Of course only God has the infinite intellect required to make these calculations.

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