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C. Moore: Vocals, Keyboards

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some thoughts sent to us from
Mark in Dayton, TX

Why do we have a mortal fear of the dark? Is it because we don't know what is in there? Is it our curiosity that makes us wonder about the strange things that happen when we shut off a light switch? Why do we fear the dark if we as humans know that there is nothing there to take our lives away, or is there? Every time the sun goes down and night falls on the Earth, strange and frightening things happen. Is it just our eyes playing tricks on us, or do we actually see what was just behind our backs... waiting to jump on us? And, do we only catch a glimpse of it too late, before it disappears? People don't seem to understand what they "can't lay their eyes on".

So... perhaps... the things that lurk in the dark will always be a mystery to man.

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