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Bombing at Narita airport injures one
On February 2, 1998, two explosive projectiles damaged a
paved area adjacent to hangers at the New Tokyo International
Airport (NTIA) at Narita, injuring one airport employee. The
police found a launching device in the parking lot of a
nearby hotel. No group has claimed responsibility for the

Iraq's chemical and biological weapons capability
Before departing for the Middle East on February 4, 1998,
British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook released a nine-page
report on President Saddam Hussein's efforts to stockpile
chemical and biological weapons. In his comments, Cook
called the report, "a tale or repeated deception." Cook
said, "Saddam initially admitted Iraq had produced 650
litres of anthrax. The figure is now 8,400 litres.
Saddam claimed that the vast Al Hakam factory complex
produced animal feed. It produced anthrax. The Al
Hakam factory, which Hussein said produced animal
feed, was found to have produced 50,000 litres of
anthrax and botulinum. According to UNSCOM findings,
Iraq has produced 19,000 litres of botulinum, 8,400
litres of anthrax, 2,000 litres of aflatoxin (produces
liver cancer) and clostridium (gas gangrene). Iraq
has admitted to arming ballistic missiles with
botulinum, anthrax, and aflatoxin. Saddam said the
VX nerve project was a failure. He has now admitted
producing four tons of VX nerve agent. Over 600 tons of
VX precursors are not accounted for. These could make
200 tons of VX. One drop of VX is enough to kill dozens.


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