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Welcome Dr. Tox

Dear Membrane Domain,
I am a Ph.D. level life scientist (Toxicology/Chemical Pathology)
interested in your program. Are you interested in what I can
contribute? Let me know.

* dr. tox,
* sure... we'd love ta have ya on da team
* what can you contribute?
* i've asked around a bit... to see what it means... as i am
* but a pea brain
* here were some thoughts:
* can you contribute to 3 to 5 year scenario we're building,
* from health, disease and haz mat perspectives?
* what are the long term toxic forecasts for the effects of
* chemicals on lawns... what might happen to children playing
* on these lawns, etc?
* how about the water system... know you anything about the
* poisons in the public water systems? how about the aquifers
* themselves... getting polluted from pesticides, etc.
* knowledge of fed cdcp issues and protocols?
* what are his thoughts about the recent fed scenario
* planning session ("table top") about hybrid small
* pox released at mexican us border, and causing havoc
* among feds and locals, and posing possible epidemic
* because of lack of preparedness.
* disease and haz mat issues generally ?
* well... in any event, i'm lookin' forward to hearing
* what ya have to say
* ... good day

To the Memebrane Domain:

Yes, to all your questions. I have twenty plus yrs. expertise in the
study of drugs, toxic chemicals, air/water and soil exposures,
contaminants in aquifers, their mobility and transformations, and the
human/mammalian pathology associated with exposures. I served as the
regional health expert for the EPA (water div), consulted for several
health ministries of various governments and industry, lectured in
colleges and medical schools, served as an expert witness in the courts
and assisted the public health community. To be helpful I need specific
questions I will then provide direction to the individual subject.

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