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Does it seem wacky in the air?

dunno... i been keepin my big mouth shut about it. i'm thinkin its a bunch of things... some of them very distinct... others palpable but vague.

the distinct things... some of em anyway... i think the asian currency devaluation is beginning to set in... i mean, the broader implications... i think people are startin to figger out that this is a whole new ball game, and nobody knows how to play. disoriented on a global scale. people have been accustomed to getting away with lookin at their own feet, and now they're looking at the horizon, and there's not much but fog there.

that's mebbe exacerbated by the february blue funk... its the emotive, primordial low of the year in temperate climates like ours.

add to that the impending thing in iraq... the whole world is a litle worried about this go around... what about palestine, saudi arabia and the rest of the islamic oil producing nations?

and people ain't used to the team configurations and alliances changing so quick. people also know that this could mean oil and gas price problems...

dunno... mebbe folks aren't focused on any of this in particular, but i kinda think most folks have an intuitive grasp that low grade shit's hittin the fan, but the fan has become an oscillating version... where it hits, nobody knows from day to day.

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