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I Have a Feeling that we are not in Kansas Anymore

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The Story

It was clear and cool while leaving Philadelphia,
but we were encountering 100 mile per hour headwinds
during the flight to Orlando. While waiting in line
for a cab, I met a man from Philadelphia who was
visiting the "town of cheese" for the first time.
We shared a cab, since I lived near his hotel. Lightening
cracked toward the ground. I warned him about the storms.
Then finally found myself inside my home.

As the storms rolled in I could not sleep. I sat peering out
the sliding glass door, had a few beers, and rolled a little
video tape. These were some serious storms, I decided to
consult the weather channel.

Oh $#(% take cover tornadoes on the prowl.

The next morning 40 of my neighbors were dead.
It could've been me.

We surveyed the damage. I'm telling' you...
They said this was an F4 tornado, with wind speeds of
250 miles per hour.

This wind ripped the roof off of structures, and threw
cars into store fronts. Phone poles were snapped like
sticks in the mud. Reinforced block walls were sucked
from their foundations. Tractor-trailers thrown into
the swamps.

I saw a family standing on the concrete slab,
where their home once stood.

I strongly recommend, if you live in Florida, or another area
prone to tornadoes, build a bunker in your home. Something you
would feel safe in, riding over Niagara Falls. Then purchase a
weather radio, the kind with a warning alarm.


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