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Email Thread on Rendering 3D Animation

* = the words of
other = doc

* we're working on a new crazy project... and quite
*coincidentally it has quite a lot to do with how you'd like
*to make money
* it's called Bryce 3D... software that creates landscapes...
*ya know... hills, mountains, sky or sea... i did a pyramid
*hovering over an emerald ocean... it is seated on both
*sides by mountain-like islands
* thought i'd point out the need for machines to
* produce such a product
* this is on a 166 pentium
*i believe i'm rendering a 320x240 frame size @ 30 frames/sec...
*(i'd rather be rendering at 640x480)
*i'm doing slightly more than 10 seconds... 301 frames
*it has been rendering for 2 days and 20+ hours
*the estimated time to completion is another
*30 days and 18+hours
* what do you think my chances of keeping
* microsquish up for over 30 days is?

microsquish what ? win 95 on your system ?
well, i've heard reports of win 95 running
as long as 10 to 12 minutes without crashing.

mua ha ha ha.

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