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Welcome Dr. Tox

The Membrane Domain Wrote:
we just got this email... and it seems like something you might
be able to comment on?

"will check out your site more thoroughly when i have more time - i am
artist(naive style) and "activist" trying to get pesticide use reduced
and integrated pest management implemented, especially in schools - i
also want to inform the public and teachers of the dangerous toxins in
scented products and how these can affects students' brains and ability
to perform, as well as contribute to behavior problems (common cleaning
products/disinfectants are big problems also) A growing number of
chemically sensitive individuals' livelihoods are dependent on the
population making these changes. the media will not inform because they
are sponsored by the very products that make us sick, and these same
sponsors also profit from these illnesses because they also manufacture
the drugs used to treat the resulting symptoms/illnesses.
If you can share this info, i and others may be helped. thanks susan"


Dear Susan,
Yes, I can help you, however, the question you have asked is extremely broad
and needs to be whittled down to those agents of special interest to you.
Given the voluminous amount of information generated about the toxic nature
of chemicals, it would take volumes of information to cover "pesticides or
odorants". I would suggest contacting the USEPA Regional Office, the
Consumer Safety Protection Commission and the FDA offices. They all have
an extensive list of chemicals under their jurisdiction and the human
health effects of each (when known). Then I can help you evaluate whether
these may be problems for yourself or others, based upon symptomology and

Also, you must be careful not to overly generalize your feelings of
concern, remembering that not all chemical products have an adverse effect
upon all people. For example, one ounce of alcoholic beverage may cause
one person to become intoxicated while others require several more ounces
to reach the same effect. There are cases of people who consume things like
DDT on a daily basis, without any adverse effect. The susceptibility for
an adverse effect among humans (and animals) differs, and sometimes the
difference can be quite significant. Exposure duration, frequency, the
source levels, interfering or concomitant exposures and toxic or
pharmacologic dose response data, must be carefully interpreted by a
trained biomedical toxicologist. If you have any further specific
questions of me, send me an e-mail and I will try to help you with your
Dr. Tox.

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