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i can't see the image

email thread on: sending things in email

+ = words of wiz
unmarked = words of doc
* = words of psehelp

+ i can't see the image.
i have embedded images before... and you apparently received them.
or maybe ignored them???
+ every time you send one that doesn't show up (most)
+ i reply so you can see what showed up at my end.
+ if one of us is ignoring the significance of that
+ fact, it might be you. after about the 40th resend
+ tellin you it ain't workin, i'll tend to ignore it

so, i guess you didn't see that breakfast note - the funny thing was you
forwarded it and the images were in it when it came back.

knowing of your less than enthusiastic receipt of attachments, i have
embedded things instead. (my mistake)

i don't understand, however, i will try it again... attached, to this message.

file = 3dAnim.gif it is an "89a GIF" (animated)... i am also embedding
- [Image] - 3d.jpg here, just a jpeg picture of the animation.

+ i can see the animated attachment, but the embedded
+ image doesn't show up except as you see it immediately
+ above.
+ apparently image *attachments* work on my setup, but
+ *embedding* doesn't. don't know what that means about
+ my own setup, or yours. i also don't know if others
+ are "seeing" embedded images that you're sending.
+ i will tell you that i view the failure of embedding
+ in my email package as a security feature:
+ i get to decide what i activate or open
+ when its an attachment. if its embedded, its in
+ my computer the second i open the email.
+ if that happens to be a virus, doom on me.
+ that's not the kind of thing we'd want to do as
+ a group focused on security issues. and for any
+ intranet or web site we set up for a construction
+ related job, we'd refuse to allow that kind of thing
+ to exist in their system.

sorry to disagree with the level of dismay you express - this topic -
but i feel the loss of the inherent elegance of this medium of
communication. It's a shame to loose so much for no tangible gain.
remember words are symbols already once removed - images contain
tremendous power they speak directly to the sub-conscious - Mad Ave.
knows - so duz wiz.

*yello... do you mind if i put in my 2 cents? for the most part, doc is
*correct... except for 'if its embedded, its in my computer the second i open the email.'
*this may or may not be the case... embedded usually means that it is html code...
*doc is correct in that -- if that html code is say... an 'in-line image'...
*and your email program is set-up to auto load images...
*then by viewing your email you would get that image onto your harddrive
*i don't use email programs that allow mail to be viewed as 'webpages'...
*so if you send me email with embedded code, i see only ascii code...and
*usually just trash the email cause its a pain in the ass
*there are other examples of security breaches that could be embedded, too...
*why... i could write code to force almost anything onto your computer using
*embedded links.. and there are other reasons besides security... like courtesy?
*in fact, while you two were having this debate, i saw a great quote go by
*that happened to be on this same topic

also i hate u for sendin me a giant web/html/java thingie...
that i hadda wade thru for the text
so i hope a candiru fish comes your way


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