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Email Thread on Lost Packets

+ = the words of
other = doc

+ 8 * * ( 18 ms
+ 9 * ( 121 ms *
+ the * are lost packets... they shouldn't be there...
+ better than yesterday though... all *** ... no packets
+were gettin' through


first, there is significance in the very fact
that you are able to observe and capture this data
in the first place. documenting how you did that
is important.

second, in semi-simple terms:

what is a lost packet, and what is its specific
significance... ? does it mean that it never got
where it was supposed to go?

+ yes... and in simple terms... it meant i couldn't get through

can you identify the source/origin of the packet such
that you can discern some of its significance from
that fact alone ? (like a .gov or .mil domain, or
a major corporation)

+well... in this case they were my packets... i was tracing
+my own route

can you identify the specific test periods you ran?
were they random? day/time specific? traffic cycle

+random... whenever i couldn't get through to a website
+on da 'net, i look to see where the breakdown is

what does this suggest about the backbone server?
the information that passes
through it? its discernible traffic and operating
patterns? its vulnerability?

+well... for one... i wonder how much it costs the taxpayer
+every time a government worker gets stalled trying to
+get work done over the 'net?

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