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unmarked = words of Peter Cross
+ = words of psehelp

Good morning Philadelphia Spirit Experiment... Help!

Ok, I checked out the ygraine and it spans lots of serious business.

+ ok... well... hmmm... i have a hard time separating the business from the fun

I thought you were mostly into the Rombox for the sake of music, and that you were just a small part of, your internet provider. Surely you can't be heavily into all those different areas of business, are you?

+ ok... well... mmm... i have trouble separating the business from the business

I'm just a guy who wrote and produced all the music he could afford - there's lots more. The only thing I haven't done is sell it, and that's what I really want to do and have to do, somehow.

+ ok... well... that's where i come in... i like economics.
+ are you familiar with supply and demand? you have a great supply of music...
+ya know, it's downright great... and, not only that... it has you.

1. I have 11 small cases of demo tapes (2 boxes) that I suggest sending to you. I mentioned this before in the hopes that Rombox would sell or give them away as promos with the intent to sell more. May I ship them to you?

+ certainly... there will be an available supply of you

I don't think your P.O. Box would take large cardboard boxes, would it?

+ yup... ship away P.O. Box 994, Blue Bell, PA 19422

2. After seeing all that serious business at ygraine, I don't have any serious idea what to write. Is there any particular need? I don't think anyone needs more philosophy.

+ er, a... well... hmmm... i suppose. do you think everyone else has it all figured out, too?

3. What about an interactive "Dear Abby" type thing where people email in questions and the responses are published weekly on the Rombox, as well as, sent back to the people? Is there such a thing on the internet?

+ go, cat, go... ya... i'm tryin' to get a format together for just such a thing...
+it would use streaming video (and would work with as little as a 28.8 modem)... but,
+i ain't got it yet
+then there is ygraine, erself... she is meant to be such a thing
+how do you want to do it?

4. Just a small reminder to post the movie screenplay on the crossfire site... so that it can be heard as well as read. Please?

+ booo... not quite yet... please? that, too, is what ygraine has to offer...
+at least two other people will be working on converting their *screenplays*
+into *something*
+how about you?

And if possible, list me with the rest of the folks on your site wherever artists are listed and promo'd... so that people can find me easier. I hope I'm not asking too much (I have to ask, you know).

+well... can i call ya my friend?

Th-Th-Th-Th-ats all for now, folks.
Love ya,
Peter Cross

atch: hold on tight

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