Is God Love?

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  1. Unbelievable (1,000 ft. Krutch) Info.
  2. Odd God (Sir Vent & the Beatless Sense Mongers) Info.
  3. Everything (Mighty OV) Info.
  4. I Am There (Aiax) Info.
  5. Shaman (nuDe) Info.
  6. Jesus Was An Alien (Tabatha's Secret featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, Santana, etc.) Info.
  7. I Want To See Jesus Lifted Higher (Rick Stevens & Friends)
  8. That's Why God Is Singing The Blues (Ian Gillan of Deep Purple) Info.
  9. Mercedes Benz (Janis Joplin)
  10. Love One Another (The Butterfly Faerie) Info.
  11. I Want To Be The Dalai Lama (The Rev. Leroy Montana) Info.
  12. Love the Bomb (Play The Name Game?) Info.
  13. Best Weapon ( Info.
  14. Let Us Live (Andy Cahan) -- Turtles, Hendrix, Grandmothers Of Invention, etc. Info.
  15. Need Your Lovin' (Badfinger) Info.
  16. John Is Alive (Peter Cross) Info.
  17. Love Me Forever (The Beatles -- a mix given to Carl Gardner)
  18. Baila (Filo) Info.
  19. One Love (Bob Marley & The Wailers -- from the collection given to me by Clement Dodd)
  20. It Is No Secret What God Can Do (Carl Gardner of the Coasters) Info.
  21. Na Na Hey Hey (Steam featuring Peter Cross & Friends) Info.

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