... sometime in a similar time
... at a place near you
... where fact is stranger then fiction

To: Peter Gabriel


please pardon me if i should appear too pushy, but upon further consideration... time appears to be of the essence. therefore, i shouldn't be wasting my time on further considerations.

so, i shall risk this opportunity, by diving into what people tell me is -- "the wacky stuph".

the wackiest part:
i've only confided in a handful of people that i converse with "god"

not only do they not believe me... they think i'm nutz

that being said, upon conversing with the author, she pointed out the urgency of my situation.

before i go any further with this, perhaps i should point out that conversing with god does not make me omniscient. i have no real clue about you.

so, maybe you already know everything i'm going to say...? but, in pointing out the obvious, maybe at least i can see a little clearer... for i am but a fool.

nutshell of urgency:

I. over the last 7 years we have setup a series of experiments meant to act as "leading indicators"

II. the experiments were also designed to be looked at as a whole. that is to say, if you pulled back and look at all the experiments as one, you would also be able to see patterns, etc.

over the last several weeks, many of the leading indicators have gone off the chart.

examples include:

a) the 0 risk stock portfolio -- for 6 years we have been building a portfolio preparing for what has been happening to the US stock markets

b) Microsoft monopoly -- for at least 7 years we have been involved in this matter. are you aware of the recent DOJ rulings?

c) peter gabriel -- "he will come to you." and, here you are.

shall i go on?

now... originally... i didn't know why you were coming to me... i started assuming it would be to sing on our version of supper's ready (figuring when you heard how lame the vocals were, you would volunteer to sing... out of pity. hehehe)

but, shame on me for assuming... once again, i make an ass out of meself.

so, this morning i asked her... "what's up with peter gabriel?"

and, that is how we got to this email.

normally, i would try to slow myself down... in fear that i will drive you away... that is when she reminded me about the urgency factors just mentioned.

next, she said (and i'm using my own words), "here are some ways that peter gabriel can help do big things in the short term." that is what the last email is about.

she also said, you might be able to help expedite the "door opening to other corridors"... that have to do with the bigger picture. that is what this email is about.

the two long term areas that she pointed toward are:
1) DNA arks -- a prayer capsule of sorts... that contains genetic materials, as well as, incubation and life support systems... for a male and female of all species. (maybe two: 1 submerged in the ocean. 1 sent into space.)

2) a safe place to work -- a kingdom of sorts... a location were some people, computers, and internet bandwidth could be housed... that will lend itself to the construction of physical things we need... yet be as free from negative outside influences as possible.

when it comes to number one, she seems to be telling me that you will take a more active role in this project?

when it comes to number two, i seem to think that you might be able to help introduce us to the only good old rocker n' roller that i know of.... that is running a kingdom, ian anderson.

though i'm uncertain as to ian's role, if any... that is a door that begs to be opened.

all wackiness aside... would you be willing to take all of this on faith?

C. Moore

To: Sidd

It seems like all our leading indicators are going off the charts. Add the recent cyber terror and social unrest to the list and the social needle goes out of the normal range.

It seems like the only calm leading indicator is science/weather. Has there been anything unusual lately?

C. Moore

To: C. Moore

Is this what you wanted?

(also, arctic ice is thinning and icebergs the size o Connecticut comin' of Antarctica... but, that's not in here )

First three months warmest in 106 years

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- The first three months of the year were the warmest in the United States in 106 years, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The latest data also shows that June 1999 through March 2000 was the warmest June through March period ever in the nation, NOAA Administrator D. James Baker said Tuesday.

The January through March average temperature in the nation was 47.1 degrees Fahrenheit. That is 1 degree warmer than the previous record set in 1990. One degree of difference is a "very robust" margin, said Baker, adding that global data is still being assembled.

A warmer earth means sea level could rise 20 inches (51 centimeters) in the next 100 years, he said.

"Ignoring climate change and the most recent warming patterns could be costly to the nation," he said. "Small changes in global temperatures can lead to more extreme weather events including, droughts, floods and hurricanes."

That prediction of additional disasters concerns James Lee Witt, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. "We are seeing extremes in weather that will impact us physically, mentally and emotionally," said Witt, who joined Baker for a news conference Tuesday on the New Orleans lakefront. The two men were in town for the week-long National Hurricane Conference.

To: Sidd

waaaa... it's not that i wanted it... it's that i feared it.

Read On And Weep

Saturday August 19 2:15 PM ET
Warmer Weather Melts North Pole Ice

NEW YORK (AP) - For the first time in 50 million years, visitors to the North Pole can see something extraordinary: water.

The thick ice that covers the Arctic Ocean at the North Pole has melted, leaving a mile-wide stretch of water at the top of the world, The New York Times reported Saturday.

Two recent visitors to the pole told the Times about the unexpected sight.

``I don't know if anybody in history ever got to 90 degrees north to be greeted by water, not ice,'' said Malcolm C. McKenna, a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History.

The water could be the result of global warming, although there is a debate among experts about the cause. Some believe it could simply be a natural occurrence rather than the result of a ``greenhouse effect'' caused by manmade pollution and increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Scientists have said that the last time the North Pole had this much water was 50 million years ago.

For oceanographer James C. McCarthy, who visited the pole earlier this month on a tourist cruise, the disappearing ice was a cause for concern. Passengers aboard the cruise were shocked to find water when there has long been only ice.