Daniel 7:8 (Update)

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   Daniel 7:8 dreams,
   For, Daniel ate dreams,
   Luckily,  the lions wouldn't eat Daniel,
   So, he could stick 'round n' tell,
   In Daniel 7,
   How Earth meets Heaven.

We are the fourth animal,
Yet, still...
We refuse to humble,
Instead, becoming more brutal,
We are the fourth world power,
Determined to devour,
Human's last hour.

When the Ancient of Days comes,
Our rule... becomes undone,
The court of justice will strip our king,
For having destroyed everything...
Before us.

All that has come before us,
All that we've ever accomplished,
We reclassify as frivolous,
As we prefer our story finished,
Then, vanquished.

All man's achievements,
We will destroy,
All man's contributions,
We'll nullify,
It should be to our embarrassment,
Yet, we appear to enjoy it?
Argh... the human eye,
And, bragging orifice,
Will be the end of us.

The End Of Times,
No more good times,
No more old times,
No more Roman times,
No more modern times,
No more times.


Daniel 7:15
I was confused and disturbed by all I had seen, so I approached one of those standing beside the throne....

Daniel 7:19
Then I asked about the fourth animal, the one so brutal and shocking.... (the one with the little horn that had a man's eyes and a bragging mouth. Daniel 7:8)

Daniel 7:23
This fourth animal, he told me, is the fourth world power that will rule the earth. It will be more brutal than any of the others; it will devour the whole world, destroying everything before it.

I asked:
Have you ever noticed that descriptions of the beast almost always have more than 1?

more than 1 head
more than 1 horn

why do you think that is?

you replied:
.... my fellow Sunday School Teacher suggests that it possibly infers different co-existing civilizations, all being evil at the same time period. The beast of beasts in the Book of Daniel has multiple horns with eyes on all the horns. Babylonia was broken up into different Kingdoms and beasts were used to describe the different territories that would war with each other and come and go.

I am too new at it all. So, I'm just learning. What's scary is the direct inference on today's world and things that are happening now.

I respond:
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha! You've got it right.

Well... I guess we shouldn't be tooo happy? heeehe

But, that is correct. The Antichrist, 666, The Beast, etc. are not a single supernatural thingie.

Rather, it is a bunch of people.

And, yes... this group of people, known as us, is alive in today's world. Things are happening now.

... to think the beast is in the future... and that you can recognize 'em as some monster would be a mistake. er, a... i take that back... you may be able to recognize em... as we just did. But, most people are looking for some sort of creature they have not seen before. The best picture of the beast can be found in a mirror.


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