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The Original Expression

1. A perforated hose is strung along part of a black asphalt shingled roofline. On sunny / hot days water trickles down over the roof.

2. An existing gutter is used to collect water. A hose with a special fitting over the end (funnel and filter combination) is placed either inside the spout or outside its bottom. When it rains, the system fills with water. Once the system has filled, excess water runs off through the existing drainage.

3. On days when the system is in use, a solid black hose carries the water around the existing water heater. The hose is wrapped around the heater like an insulating blanket.

4. A holding tank(s) stores the water.

5. A pump starts the flow of the water.

Evaporation cools the house. The hot water is used for heating. A more sophisticated design would capture the by-product, steam, and convert it to stored energy.

Detail For Water Tower
A five gallon bucket sits on top of the roof. A feeder hose brings in water to store. As water is needed, it is released through a bleeder or spinkler hose.

Detail For Pumping Station
A large trash can is used as a safety net. Inside the safety container is a 5 gallon bucket filled with a pump and water. When the 5 gallon bucket fills with water, it pumps it to the water tower. The water released from the water tower is then recycled back through the pumping station.

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