The Great Deceiver

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Could God be the Great Deceiver?
All this time making me a believer,
In doing unto others?

Ahhh... illogical for all.

If the devil could...
Would he trick us,
Into being good?

That doesn't make sense.

God must,
Be fair,
Be just.
Should I fear,
As the time draws near?

The Supreme Judge,
Is fair,
Is just.
And, will not sentence all,
As equal,
The Supreme Judge,
Can not budge,
On the rules of being logical.

Equal justice for all,
Where will my weight fall?
Should I fear,
As the time draws near,
Which way the scale tips?
Have I made too many slips?

As we balance the scale of justice,
Can we all ride on the same side...
Can it be "all of us"?

As I justify my existence,
To a God that is Just,
Will I be served a sentence,
Exemplifying justice?

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