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Can we dispel,
The myth of being equal?
Can we quell,
The doubtful?

1 + 1 = 2
This is true.
But, I'm not equal,
To you.
When it comes to fortune and fame,
We're not exactly the same,
When it comes to stature or hue,
I'm different than you.

But, in the eyes of justice,
We'll be treated equally,
Claiming ignorance,
Will be useless,
Same for you as for me.

Can we quell a definition of equal,
As it applies to thoughts and deeds?
The things I do are not identical to you.
Perhaps no better,
Perhaps no worse,
But, different,
Saying otherwise only feeds,
Only creates an illusion,
... an awful mess.

So, before they pull-up the hearse,
Let's converse,
Not just rant, rant, rant,
And, debate the fate of the lesser?

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