Away Or A Way?

Away Or A Way? MP3
Cm / G sus4 / G7


Through the haze,
Is a maze,
The labyrinth,
Of life.

Make the haze,
Won't waste my days,

   Do we go away,
   Or, find a way?
   Do we go awry,
   Or, give it a try?

Away from the hunger,
Away from the fear,
Away from the blunder,
To those we hold dear...
Find a way.


We can find our way through,
Me and you,
Through the fog and mist,
We'll get the gist,
Our combined strength,
To conquer the labyrinth.


Solving the puzzle,
Of the human riddle,
We can find a way,
To stay?


In the beginning,
Created everything,
Every bod',
But, in the end,
Man takes it away,
'till his final day.

My friend,
Can't we find a better way?

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