Tabitha's Secret


  1. 3 a.m.
  2. Forever December
  3. Here Comes Horses
  4. Paint Me Blue
  5. Dear Joan
  6. High
  7. Unkind
  8. Jesus Was an Alien
  9. Tired
  10. Swing
  11. 3 a.m.
  12. Forever December



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. do you want to know a secret? TABITHAS SECRET? Tabithas Secret has been a secret kept silent for too long. Up to now only a few thousand loyal fans have been in on THE SECRET. These loyal music lovers have asked that the music and The Secret be shared with the world and not be kept silent any longer.

These same fans inspired Producer, Songwriter, Engineer JAY STANLEY to make available this outstanding  DONT PLAY WITH MATCHES full length CD release. The CD features the songs by 

Tabithas Secret , Robert KellyThomas, John Joseph Stanley, John Leslie Goff, Brian Yale, and Paul Doucette. (published by Tabithas Secret Music ASCAP, all rights reserved)

The now certified Gold, Platinum, and Double Platinum, and still climbing song 3a.m.  is featured on a national release where top radio, TV, and video airplay chart busting has already taken place. A second single  Tired has also been released outside the USA and is quickly climbing the charts.

Get your copy of  DONT PLAY WITH MATCHES which includes  the original versions of  3a.m.,   Tired and  Forever December hear it all for yourselves now and help spread The Secret!

Visit the  Tabithas Secret web site at: http://www.magicnet.net/rz/audio/tsecret  for more secrets.. or email: tsecret@magicnet.net



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